vineri, 1 mai 2009

Good news, bad news

The good news is that it's time to go to Paris :) I hope i packed everything o_O
The bad news is that i've been rejected by my first-choice company in the Vulcanus program (to go to Japan). I still have some small chances to be chosen by the second-choice company, but i kind of lost hope :) Anyway, as i said before, maybe something good will come up from this sad thing :) Maybe i'll be selected next year to a better project or something. 

Time to fly to Paris now! 

joi, 30 aprilie 2009

One day til Paris

;)) I'm really excited! Tomorrow night i'll be in Paris. 
And the very good news is: i've just decided to go to Istanbul :D At the end of May, for a week :D Probably on monday i'll book my flight, but i'm so excited and eager to go :D I don't know when i'll have time to finish my thesis but,but... well, everything's for love and adventure :p 

joi, 23 aprilie 2009

I'm nervous like hell!

Some of the applicants to Vulcanus in Japan have already received the positive answer. Now i'm shaking everytime i receive a new email. I'm hoping it's gonna say "Congratulations, you've been accepted!" :) But they said we'll probably get out answer at the end of May, so it depends on how fast the company decides who's the lucky one! Keep your finger crossed for me! 

joi, 16 aprilie 2009

Quote of the day

If a woman can't make her mistakes charming, she is only a female - Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde

Later edit: The world is a stage, but the play is badly cast.

miercuri, 15 aprilie 2009

SOS Kitchen in fire!

Ok! I'm not a housegirl :) I tried this morning to prepare breakfast...Simple eggs with some crispy bacon and tomatos. Besides the fact that it took me one hour to cook, when it was finally ready, the eggs were cold, i forgot to put salt on the bacon, i kind of burned was a total disaster! 

But I survived, now I'm at work so....wake up and smell the coffee! 

marți, 14 aprilie 2009

Somebody stop me!

Today we went to the Mall during the lunch break and as Zara just opened and we didn't get to see it until now...well,we decided to take a look. And of course I just HAD to buy a new pair of jeans. They are clasical, blue jeans, 26 an fit me! :D Just a little present to celebrate that i finished with all exams :D Ole!

duminică, 12 aprilie 2009

Tomorrow can't come soon enough

Last can say last day as a student...I feel happy and sad at the same time. Is so strange to think that i won't be a student anymore. I still remember the first day, first course, first professor. We had a math class. I went into the class, looked around,strage people this future engineers...And there was Andra. All alone, next to the window. I knew her from highschool, but we weren't that close. Until the first day of uni. A new friendship begun! And then the first exam - faild. Second exam - faild :) And still got the scolarship. Not that this happy situation lasted long :) More faild exams, no more scolarship :) 

And Ionela,my room mate! She's such a nice girl! Too bad we don't have the time to meet more often.  And BEST...that's a good student organization. BEST Courses are great! The people you meet, the places you see...You can say they're priceless! And let's not forget the love drama! Haha...breaking up, making up, breaking up, making up :) Andra had to be there all the time...listen to my complains over and over again :) Well,that's what friends are for, right? We don't have all perfect relationships like she does ;) (Andra+Bug=Love)  Aaaah, and the pool!!! How could i forget about the pool? The amazing pool we have since last year! It's perfect! And only for the students *sigh. 

And the most important: all the free time! Getting up at 1 PM, watching anime and movies all night long, skipping an exam because you just discovered Prison Break and couldn't stop watching 2 seasons in a raw....

I'm only sorry that i wasn't there to listen to out profesors. Not only the things they had to teach, but their experience in life. At the begenning of each semester, me and Andra decided from now on we're attending all the classes. Yeah,right!! Let's say that for about 2 or 3 weeks we went to all the classes, but then it was harder and harder to get up in the mornings, especially during the winter, when it was cold and dark! 

All in all it was a great time and i'll miss it! I know that working can be a fulfillin experince, you learn usefull things, you earn money (that you didn't have as a student), if you're lucky enough you get to visit new countries (Blegium for example ;) ), but still,nothing can be compared with the years you spent as a student. 

So,what i'm gonna do next? Get out! Stay in parks, on the street....wherever, but indors :)

Ok,i should go back to study if i want to pass my exam tomorrow :D Wish me luck!